Hi, I'm Wil.
I like to make things for the web.


Worked as an award-winning photojournalist.

Graduated from Hendrix College with an English literature degree.
Discovered computer science towards the end. Loved it.

Went to Dev Bootcamp. Learned a ton. Realized, without a doubt, what I wanted to do with my life.

Now developing with the good folks at Blueye in Chicago, IL.

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  • traxo_api

    Built with: Ruby, RSpec, WebMock

    Open sourced Ruby gem for interacting with the Traxo API. The gem includes modules for simplifying both authorization through OAuth and CRUD requests. Configuration options include response format and error/failure handling. Each method is tested with RSpec and WebMock (where applicable).

  • Posy

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Javascript/jQuery, RSpec

    Posy features pages for small communities like colleges. From a single page, users can anonymously read, post, comment, and report content. The page quickly updates when content is created. Offensive content is removed by user reports or administrators. Posy is responsively designed and features full model unit testing.

    Built to learn about React.js and to gain more experience with Rails development and RSpec testing.

  • Judgy

    Built with: Laravel (PHP), Javascript/jQuery, Bootstrap, AWS S3, Chart.js, PHPUnit

    Users upload a profile photo (or use Gravatar) and answer some questions. Then, users can guess other users' answers based only on the uploaded photo. The results of the judgments are presented with charts built with Chart.js.

    Built to learn about PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, Gulp.js, and image upload and storage.

Open-Source Contributions